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  • Sep 14, 2023
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Top XPS Board Manufacturers 2023

There are therefore a number of significant companies to note while discussing the top XPS board manufacturers 2023.

There are therefore a number of significant companies to note while discussing the top XPS board manufacturers 2023. They distinguish themselves as a dependable solution for many contractors and builders in 2023 with a strong focus on energy efficiency and construction performance. You can be confident that these manufacturers are leading the way in offering dependable and effective XPS boards for all of your insulation needs.

XPS boards, which provide great thermal resistance and durability, are frequently utilized in construction as insulation materials.  All of these producers are committed to providing high-quality goods that enhance overall building performance and energy efficiency while maintaining comfort and environmental friendliness.

We are going to discover everything there is to know about the XPS board in this article, including its definition, characteristics, benefits, and leading manufacturers. Let's begin.

XPS foam board: what is it and its characteristics?

A type of foamed polystyrene board used for insulation is called extruded polystyrene, or XPS. So how do we distinguish between them? In order to draw attention to the production-required extrusion process, the letter X was chosen. Additional examples are XPET (extruded foam PET), XEPS (extruded expandable PS beads), and others. 

The continuous extrusion procedure used by XPS involves feeding physical blowing agents into the molten PS. The mixed PS, blowing agents, and other additives are subsequently cooled in the cooling extruder. As a result, the viscous and pressured melt material is extruded through the slot die.

When the material comes out of the slot die, pressure is released, and the foaming process begins. The calibrating system will be run over the foamed material to imbue it with shapes and models.

What characteristics do XPS foam boards have?

  • Cell structure that is entirely closed
  • High resistance to absorbing moisture and moisture
  • Inadequate thermal conductivity
  • Outstanding compressive strength
  • Outstanding shock absorption
  • Measurement stability
  • By incorporating flame retardants
  • Foam board and scrap metal are recyclable
  • Durable and portable
  • Simple to handle, install, and cut

What are the advantages these XPS Boards have?

  • High performance rigid XPS insulation with low heat transmission.
  • Little absorption of water.
  • Protecting the building's waterproofing membrane.
  • Outstanding compressive strength.
  • Compatible with systems for green roofing.
  • Simple to manage.
  • Simple to setup.
  • The preferred choice for new constructions and renovations
  • Consumption of AC is decreased.

Top XPS Boards manufacturer

There are numerous XPS brands available worldwide. A few worldwide brands and brands with a better reputation in particular areas are listed below.

Shiv Sons

Shivsons has established itself as the top in the industry thanks to their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Their XPS boards are expertly constructed with premium materials to provide great performance and long-lasting durability. Shivsons can meet all of your demands, whether you're looking for insulation, packaging supplies, or building supplies.

Foamular Owens Corning

Leading provider of industrial and building materials worldwide is Owens Corning. One of their key products is FOAMULAR XPS Rigid Foam Insulation. Over 30 nations are included in its global production, sales, and research network.


The top-tier brand of floor heating insulation made in China is called Earthmother. The company is authorized HVAC dealers nationwide, produces 15 million square meters of floor heating and thermal insulation materials annually.


The company Dupont (previously Dow Chemical) invented Styrofoam. A "blue board" is a term that's frequently used to describe it. It may be the world's most well-known XPS insulation.


The significant Russian manufacturer of polymer-based ornamental, finishing, and water-proofing materials is called PENOPLEX SPb LLC. Excellent-quality PENOPLEX XPS boards are available. It is a brand that is worth picking.


Beijing Beipeng is an expert in the development and manufacture of thermal insulation materials. It is one of the most significant businesses in China's energy-saving thermal insulation sector.

 Kingspan GreenGuard

The Kingspan Group, one of the top producers of building products worldwide today, With an R-value of 5.0 per inch of thickness, Kingspan GreenGuard XPS insulation board is perfect for a number of uses, including below slab, below grade along the foundation, within basement walls, exterior insulation over wood sheathing, and residential.

 Polyfoam XPS

Leading closed cell extruded polystyrene insulation producers in the UK include Polyfoam XPS Ltd. Blowing agents with low global warming potential (GWP), no ozone depletion potential (ODP), and no CFC or HCFC are used to create Polyfoam XPS products.

 Plaso India

With their impressive selection, Plaso India has been examining the constantly growing needs for roofing, facades, and other solutions. They have been functioning as a highly skilled supplier, trader, wholesaler, and exporter of numerous roofing and other solutions ever since its establishment in the year 1998.

 Wrapping Up

Here are some of the best XPS board manufacturers. Quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness are important considerations while looking for the best XPS board for your requirements. There is undoubtedly a brand here that meets your demands, regardless of whether you prioritize performance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, or fire resistance in an XPS board manufacturer.

 Or you can get in touch with us directly if you wish to purchase a XPS board. We at Shiv Sons have a thorough understanding of the tools and the manufacturing procedure and can offer you high-quality XPS boards in a range of parameters.

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