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  • Oct 18, 2022
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What is an XPS board?

XPS board is an insulating board manufactured using completely biodegradable material. It is produced from foamed polystyrene, a material that does not depreciate. The cell structure in the board is constructed with very fine closed cells that give the product its outstanding physical and mechanical features.

The advantage of XPS Board:
  • Little thermal conductivity due to the air hole group structure. Avoids the spread of air.
  • Because 97%-98% of foam insulation board space is crammed with air, have adequate capacity to safeguard the impact of the outside world and by altering the shape, good anti impact ability;
  • Low water absorption. Studies have shown that moisture will influence the thermal and mechanical properties, low water absorption materials help to maintain these properties;
  • Biodegradable. The recuperation degree is the highest in plastics;
  • The manufacture process does not apply Freon;
  • The full life cycle power consumption of plastics in the lowest possible.
XPS Board Used To Provide Insulation To:



Pitched roofs

Cavity walls

Applications of XPS Board:

XPS or foamular 250 is mainly used in areas like concrete flat roofs, parking decks, metal roofs, exterior Walls, cavity walls, cold storage floors, cold storage walls, ice rinks, and sandwich panels.

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