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  • Apr 19, 2023
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XPS insulation board suppliers in Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and is well known for its cultural heritage. The climate in Lucknow is an extreme and tropical one where almost all year round you feel the heat of the sun. On the other hand as it is a comparatively large city, it has its share of industries manufacturing different products.

You may already know that in many industrial and commercial establishments there is a requirement to keep the interior temperature at a specific level. For this purpose nowadays many builders are using insulation boards on the ceilings and walls of the factories and offices. In fact, insulation boards are not just used in commercial and industrial establishments, but also in many residential ones.

XPS insulation board suppliers in Lucknow

As a result there is a good demand of XPS insulation board suppliers in Lucknow. The requirement for the insulation of interior spaces was recognised quite some time ago and there are a few suppliers of insulation boards who have established themselves in the city. The insulation boards are made of different materials, but the ones made with Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) are the most effective and hence the most popular.

How to choose a good XPS board supplier

The best way to choose the best XPS board supplier is to conduct a thorough research among your friends, colleagues and business associates who are involved in an establishment similar to yours. If such information is not available to you then the next best bet is the internet because the established and reliable XPS board suppliers will definitely have their own websites. These websites carry all information that you need to gather in order to choose the best supplier.

You can also check their blogs, and reviews and testimonials of their earlier clients. If you see that a particular company has a lot of satisfied and happy clients then you can expect them to be able to complete your requirement with the same efficiency and reliability.

The other thing that you need to check is the technical efficiency of the company and their team of technicians. It is necessary to understand that insulation boards are used on walls, roofs and floors depending on the requirements of your establishment. The boards used in all these three areas are slightly different from each other and the technical team of the XPS insulation board suppliers in Lucknow that you choose should be aware of these differences.

You can gauge the depth of their knowledge by taking an appointment with them to understand their modus operandi. This will give you an idea of their depth of understanding and this again depends on how long they have been in the field. Opt for a supplier who has been in this field for a decade at least.

Difference between different XPS insulation boards

Roof grade – Roof grade XPS insulation boards have some advantages and special characteristics so that they are ideal for installation on the roof or ceiling. These boards are lightweight, water resistant, durable over a good length of time, have very low thermal conductivity and more.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you are installing roof insulation boards then the roof should have negligible traffic. You can also get specific insulation boards which can be installed in places like car parks where there is higher vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Roof gardens are another place where their application is essential.

Wall grade – These boards should be light weight, have high vapour diffusion resistance, should be easy to handle, have higher thermal resistance are the qualities which make these XPS boards suitable for wall insulation.

Floor grade – These boards need to be very strong and have a very high durability especially in high load bearing industrial and cold storage floors. The density of these boards is also high along with the compressive strength. These qualities allow the boards to withstand high static and intensive dynamic loads.

If any of the XPS insulation board suppliers in Lucknow have these qualities then you should definitely choose them for insulating your premises against the tropical extreme weather conditions and also requirements which are not exactly weather related. The best part is that Lucknow is close to the highly industrialised town of Ghaziabad and some dealers have their setup in this town while providing their products and services throughout UP including the city of Lucknow.

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