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  • Apr 19, 2023
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XPS insulation board suppliers in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a well-known city of the state of Punjab and is also popular due to its thriving industrial sector. There are many industrial establishments catering to different sectors and also having different requirements.

There are some industries like cold storage and some chemical factories which need to be insulated against the harsh outside temperature in order to save electricity and maintain the optimal conditions in the interior space. This is where XPS insulation board suppliers in Ludhiana and elsewhere come into the picture. Of course, Ludhiana has its own share of suppliers dealing in insulation boards, but some industrial establishments prefer to purchase these boards from other states like Uttar Pradesh.

XPS insulation board suppliers in Ludhiana

With the modernised transport options available nowadays it is not at all difficult to supply XPS insulation boards from other states. Then again the quality and price of the boards availed from other states are such that they prove to be a better ROI. Hence many industries in Ludhiana and other cities of Punjab order their insulation boards from other states.

Why insulation is required

Insulation in industrial sectors has been a requirement for a long time in India, however, in the last couple of decades the technology making insulation materials has improved a lot. XPS or extruded polystyrene boards are the most popular for insulation not just in the industrial but also the commercial and residential sector. Where one can understand the use of insulation materials in the industrial sector, one may be a little inquisitive about how this kind of insulation is useful in the residential sector.

If you have been to Punjab (Ludhiana) then you will be aware of the extreme climate in this state. The summers are extremely hot and winters extremely cold, due to which there is regular energy consumption in order to keep the interiors of residential units at an optimal temperature. This electrical appliances like room coolers, air conditioners, heaters etc. are used liberally throughout the year resulting in exorbitant energy bills. On the other hand if you insulate your interiors by using these boards supplied by a reliable XPS insulation board supplier in Ludhiana or elsewhere, then you will save a lot on electricity bills, which not only saves you money, but is also eco-friendly. The cost of these boards and their installation is worth it if you buy them from a reliable dealer dealing in boards manufactured by reliable companies. Let us look at the benefits of XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) insulation boards

Eco-friendly insulation

When used as sheathing in residential buildings, extruded polystyrene foam can have advantages in terms of energy efficiency and air emissions. According to a 2000 research by Franklin Associates, installing XPS foam insulation properly results in energy savings over a home's 50-year lifespan that are significantly greater than the energy used to create the insulation. Another study, presented at the 2004 Earth Tech event, demonstrates that, after less than three years, less greenhouse gas emissions are produced during the production of extruded polystyrene foam insulating sheathing than are produced during heating/cooling energy consumption. Hence in both cases XPS insulation boards are friendly for the environment.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, some of the good manufacturers of XPS insulation foam and boards ensure that they manufacture these boards in an eco-friendly manner. For this purpose the XPS board suppliers in Punjab and elsewhere look for the best manufacturers who work in an environmentally conscious manner. Some of the goodindustrial establishments in Ludhiana and elsewhere even go so far as to order the insulation boards from other states if they see that the manufacturer has adopted energy saving and eco-friendly methods in producing these boards. The better highway roads and infrastructure allow for easy transport of these boards from other parts of northern India to Ludhiana. For instance, Ghaziabad which is an industrial hub in Uttar Pradesh is well known for the best practices of the manufacturers and suppliers of industrial materials and these include XPS board suppliers.

Then other benefit is that as polystyrene resin is a thermoplastic substance, it may be melted and used again to create fresh extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam insulation. Manufacturing facilities for extruded polystyrene produce almost no scrap or trash since nearly all of it is recovered, crushed, and re-pelletized for the production system (i.e. recycled). Some businesses also look outside sources for recycled scrap polystyrene plastic resin.

These are the reasons why XPS insulation boards are becoming more and more popular all over the country and suppliers too have fastened their seat belts to provide for the increasing demand.

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