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INSUboard for Roof / Ceiling / Wall & Flooring

INSUboard Roof Grade:

INSUboard offers number of special characteristics & advantages for installation of inverted roof system like light weight, negligible water absorption, long term durability, low thermal conductivity, etc. Higher strength make it an ideal solution for Over deck insulation.


  • Non traffic roofs with gravel finish.
  • Roofs for pedestrians and vehicular traffic (car park) with proper protection.
  • Roof gardens, both intensive and extensive.
  • Flat roof refurbishments.

INSUboard Wall Grade:

INSUboard - its light weight, relatively high vapour diffusion resistance, higher thermal resistance, ease in handling makes it most preferred and best suited solution for Wall insulation.


  • External wall Insulation.
  • Internal wall Insulation.
  • Cavity wall Insulation.
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finishing System).

INSUboard Floor Grade:

INSUboard with its combination of high strength and long term durability makes it a preferred material for high load bearing industrial and cold storage floors.

Special grades with higher density and compressive strength to withstand high static and intensive dynamic loading are available on request.


  • Industrial floors in Pharmaceutical & Electronic component industries etc.
  • Cold Storage.

Wall Insulation Board

Wall insulation has several advantages for your house.

1. Increase the level of thermal comfort.

Thermal comfort refers to the ability of a building to maintain a comfortable temperature in all-weather situations. One of the advantages of wall insulation is that it helps ensure that the temperature inside your home is always comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Summers will be more excellent, while winters will be warmer.

Insulation, which is based on the concept of thermal comfort, wall thermal board not only helps to keep your home warmer in the winter. It is beneficial to the property because it ensures that the heat generated by your central heating system remains within the building and prevents the cold air from the outside from entering the building. In the summer, however, the opposite is true: the walls do not collect the heat generated by the sun and, as a result, do not transport it into the structure of the building. A high-performance material for preserving a cool interior temperature in the summer, wood fiber insulation is particularly effective.

Reduce your energy costs.

Energy expenditures may be significantly decreased by ensuring that heat is retained within your home. According to the Energy Saving Trust, when 90mm of Wall Insulation is installed into a solid brick wall, a four-bedroom detached house may expect to save roughly £455 per year on energy expenses. The cost of external wall insulation is recouped quickly.

Reduce the amount of moisture and condensation in the air.

By holding heat within the walls, insulation helps slow down the heat transmission rate. Condensation happens when hot air comes into touch with cold walls. Because wall thermal board keeps the exterior walls of the home warmer, condensation is greatly minimized, which helps to enhance interior air quality while also maintaining structural integrity.

Thermal Bridging should be kept to a bare minimum.

Thermal Bridging happens when there are gaps between insulation layers in a building structure. Heat loss is substantially higher in these spaces, causing it to become concentrated in one region and allowing water and condensation to collect. Because Wall Insulation is an external system that is entirely seamless, thermal Bridging is minimized. There is no need for breaks between insulation boards when using this system.

Extend the useful life of the building fabric

Essentially, external wall insulation is a thermal blanket that wraps around the whole structure's exterior, preventing heat loss while also protecting the fabric of the building against weathering. In addition to providing a weatherproof barrier, the cover renders that finish the system protects the property from water penetration and damage caused by harsh weather conditions.
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