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Are you searching for keeping your house cool and water-resistant from inside? You’ll be able to do several things to achieve this stuff, whereas it's underneath construction, however what to try and do, once construction has already been completed? The most effective answer here is within the kind of extruded polystyrene foam. They’re solely designed airtight plastic foam kind parts that may keep your house entirely cool from within.

Shivsons are the most famous XPS insulation board suppliers in Jammu & Kashmir and is having proficiency in providing you the most excellent quality insulating boards, which is repeatedly applied while the interior decoration is completed in your house.

XPS Insulation Board Price

The R-value of the XPS insulating board is 5.0 per inch. XPS boards can be as tiny as a half-inch thick and as thick as four inches. 4'x8" and 2-by-8" sizes are normally available, making it easy to pick the right thickness and board size for the job.

Advantages of using XPS at your home

It is right that you enquire your designer about the XPS, while they recommend you the same during decorating your house. XPS is a well-built polystyrene component, made in the form of foam that acts fantastically for your homes. The important benefits of XPS are mentioned below. As you go all the way through those, you will realize why they are so broadly used at your house by the interior designers.

  • It is the best insulating agent and it acts flawlessly to keep your rooms cool.
  • Intended from polystyrene, it is organized in a way, with not a single space is left inside. This is the expertise that is applied in the extruded polystyrene which indirectly applied well for your insulation.
  • The boards are also perfect for protection against water devastation. Thus they are long-lasting too and are useful for your house usage.
  • Widely lightweight, the foams are perfect to be used as cushions for your properties and that is one of the huge parts of this extruded polystyrene.
Avail XPS from Shivsons

At this moment you are cleared out of the idea – you are now having sufficient information which you require to gather, in order to find out what the XPS are and why they are used for your home. Nowadays, as you know the thing, you must be looking for the right place to get those, so that the insulation board cost can remain at the lesser side.

To be very much realistic, to get the XPS at lower or discounted charge, you need the XPS insulation board suppliers and that directs us for the support of yours. We are the only supplier of XPS in Haryana. So, when you will be availing the service from us in volume, make it sure that you will be availing those at a discounted charge. More than anything, why will you pay more, particularly when you are buying the foam in bulk? There is no requiring of that either, as we are there to provide you what you require.

Just contact us +91-9811102124 o this number or visit our site https://www.xpsboard.in/#service and specify the things and their characteristics as your interior designer asked you to get. You can find them online or can even get in contact with our officials over a call. He will offer the necessary assistance very soon and will also make the items reach you at the right time with a correct discount at best-extruded polystyrene cost.

INSUboard Available for Roof / Ceiling / Wall & Flooring
1. INSUboard Roof Grade:

INSUboard offers number of special characteristics & advantages for installation of inverted roof system like light weight, negligible water absorption, long term durability, low thermal conductivity, etc. Higher strength makes it an ideal solution for over deck insulation.

  • on traffic roofs with gravel finish.
  • oofs for pedestrians and vehicular traffic (car park) with proper protection.
  • oof gardens, both intensive and extensive.
  • Flat roof refurbishments.
2. INSUboard Wall Grade:

INSUboard - its light weight, relatively high vapour diffusion resistance, higher thermal resistance, and ease in handling makes it most preferred and best suited solution for Wall insulation.

  • External wall Insulation.
  • Internal wall Insulation.
  • Cavity wall Insulation.
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finishing System).
3. INSUboard Floor Grade:

INSUboard with its combination of high strength and long term durability makes it a preferred material for high load bearing industrial and cold storage floors. Special grades with higher density and compressive strength to withstand high static and intensive dynamic loading are available on request.

  • Industrial floors in Pharmaceutical & Electronic component industries etc.
  • Cold Storage.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How XPS are made?

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is manufactured via an extrusion process where plastic resin and other additives are combined and extruded through a die. The extruded foam then cools and expands into its final shape.

2. Can I use polystyrene for flat roof insulation?

Roofing professionals emphasize that the choice of flat roof insulation should feature the appropriate R-value. The most expensive and highly recommended insulation is Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) rigid foam. Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is also an optimal choice, along with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

3. What is the difference between extruded and expanded polystyrene?

The main difference between these two materials lies in their density. Extruded polystyrene is much denser than expanded polystyrene (2.18 lbs. on average for XPS vs. 0.93 lbs.

4. Is XPS waterproof?

Technically, EPS and XPS rigid foam board insulation are considered to be water-resistant. A product branded as waterproof means that it offers complete impermeability, even if permanently immersed in water.

5. Is XPS foam plastic?

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) board insulation begins as a solid granule of polystyrene resin. The plastic granules are fed into an extruder, where they are melted and mixed with critical additives to form a viscous fluid. Next, a blowing agent is injected to enable the plastic product's expansion.

6. Is XPS foam durable?

XPS foam board possess most of the key attributes of a “green” building material. It is energy-efficient, sustainable, has good thermal resistance and water absorption resistance, and is durable and long-lasting—up to 50 years.

7. Is XPS heat resistant?

XPS is a thermoplastic material, meaning if heated above its maximum service temperature of 165oF, it may experience dimensional change. If exposed to temperatures significantly above its maximum service temperature, it may be damaged.

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